Instead of ink or paint, I draw with adhesive tape. Tiny pieces of tape, cut by precision knife and scissors, compose a whole picture. This unconventional art medium gives my work unique lines, patterns, and textures, evoking the feel of modern graphic design while also lending itself to works reminiscent of traditional Japanese arts like woodcut and papercutting. My works express how I see the world and my own identity, synthesizing elements of Eastern and Western, traditional and modern culture. Having grown up in Japan, I now live and work in Los Angeles as a tape artist.
Solo Exhibitions
2022-05 - Canyon Country Community Center, Santa Clarita, CA 
2021-10 - Art Space at Town Center, Valencia,  CA
2021-05 - The Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park San Diego, CA
2019-08 - Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Blue Whale
                   Los Angeles, CA

2018-08 SOVO//Magazine, Venice, CA
Selected Group Exhibitions
2022-04 - The TOCA 2022 Fine Arts Juried Show, the SouthBay Festival of the Arts, Torrance, CA
2022-04 - The Art of Healing, First Floor Gallery Santa Clarita City Hall, CA
2021-08 - Fields, Factories, Fame, and Fallacies, Art Share L.A., DTLA, CA
2021-07 - Ultra!, High Beams, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
2021-04 - Laser Snake, High Beams, Bendix Building, DTLA, CA
2020-12 - On the Paper, The Progress Gallery, Pomona, CA

2020-11 - TOUCH, Gestalt projects and BG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2020-02 - Flight, First Floor Gallery Santa Clarita City Hall, Santa Clarita, CA
2019 -11 - Windows of Little Tokyo 2019, JACCC, Los Angeles, CA 
2019 -10 -  Poe, 3rd Annual Art Exhibition, Gallery Azul, San Pedro, CA
2019 -09 - The Art & Democracy VI, Visual Artists Guild, Los Angeles, CA 
2019 -05 - WE RISE, Art District, Los Angeles, CA
2019 -05 - TIME, Open I Art Space, Santa Barbara, CA
2019 -02 - FRESH, South Bay SoLA Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2018 -12 - Murze Magazine, Art for Advent project, Los Angeles, CA
2018-04 - Windows of Little Tokyo 2018, JACCC,  Los Angeles, CA
2016 -08 - Play, LA Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 -02 - I <3 Sci-fi, Carter Sexton Gallery, North Hollywood, CA
2014 -05 - Student art show, LAVC, Valley Glen, CA
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2021-09 - Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego, CA 
2019-10 - Bella Terra Associates, Long Beach, CA

2019-09 - Nibei Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
2019-03 - South Bay SoLA Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
City of Santa Clarita
Level Ground
John Lobb
The Angele City Jazz Festival 2020

Cafe Demitasse 
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)
Sustainable Little Tokyo

StrymonNAMM Show 2019
Kyokushin Karate Dojyo

Chiba Restaurant
SOVO//Magazine, Issue 1